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Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care

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Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care

How to Get Started

Your Lawn Will Thank You!

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Request A

Let our robots mow you a better, healthier lawn! Schedule a visit with our pros to give you a detailed estimate for a better looking, healthier lawn!

Choose Your Service


Choose Your

Our highly trained Mowbot Wranglers will come by and set up and  discuss the installation and service options with you. Whether you just want the robot or full-service lawn care, we can do it all!

Let Our Pros Do The Work


Let Our Pros
Do The Work

Our Mowbot Wranglers will install the system and come by on a regular basis for any additional services such as trimming, edging and leaf blowing.

The Concept

How It Works!

guide wire
boundary wire
collision and lift sensors
irregular movement pattern

Why it is Better

Mowbot is continuously working to give you the perfect lawn.

Why it is Better for
your Lawn

Our robotic mowers use the newest technology to meet your lawn’s needs, resulting in a healthier, more resilient and much greener lawn. Your lawn will require less fertilizer and less irrigation, and Mowbot eliminates the problem of cross-contamination.

Why it is Better for
the Environment

Mowbot features robotic-mowers and battery-powered equipment, resulting in fewer emissions, less energy consumption, and less noise. Traditional lawn care equipment still heavily depends on fossil fuels, making them responsible for 5% of the air pollution in the US.

Why it is Better
for You

Mowbot provides outstanding customer service using the latest technology to communicate with our customers and keep track of our mowers. Signing up with Mowbot gives you a green, healthy lawn that is always cut.

Residential & Commercial Lawn Care

Residential & Commercial Lawn Care


Our Residential Services

Our Residential

MowBot is quiet, clean, and better for your lawn than a conventional lawn care service. MowBot's continuous mowing pattern clips grass evenly without stressing the lawn.

Our Commercial Services

Our Commercial

Our robotic mowers are so quiet, your customers and employees won't even notice they are running. You'll get an attractive and healthy lawn without ever having to worry about it.

What Our Clients Say


Anybody can mow the lawn on a schedule and some of us even find it therapeutic. The thing is, the average lawn (at least here in the Carolina’s) gets mowed once a week in the summer months. That gives you a few days of the lawn looking decent before it starts to get “shaggy”. By the time it’s due for another cut it can be downright ugly and summer rains don’t help. Mowbot not only mows your grass automatically, it does it every day (rain or shine). That means that your lawn looks freshly cut every day, not just on weekends. Mowbot lawn service isn’t designed to cut tall grass. It’s designed to maintain a lawn and make it look like it’s just been mowed, all the time. Take back your weekends!

J. Comeaux

Mooresville, NC

This is the future of lawn-care. My mowbot is so quiet and my lawn looks absolutely fantastic.

B. Davies

Mooresville, NC

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